Home Medicine Your homeopathic drug questions are answered

Your homeopathic drug questions are answered

by Ezra Luca

Homeopathic medicine is a form that is widely used from treating diseases and diseases, next to man-made drugs. Many doctors are skeptical of homeopathic care because they feel they have more influence placebo in patients instead of curing the disease.

On the other hand, other people feel this type of medicine is very effective and has used care for several years to resolve health problems. These questions and answers will overcome homeopathic drugs, spilling light on what makes this type of healing so popular throughout the world.

What principles are based on homeopathic drugs?

Already existed for centuries. At present, government regulations have tightened home improvement, but the concept is still the same. Homeopathy remedies are based on three basic principles. Homeopathic medicine is taken in the methodology “like to recover like”.

Something that can cause disease can be used to cure different diseases if both diseases have the same symptoms. Drugs for homeopathy are also taken in minimal doses and solutions are often very diluted with water or other substances.

Homeopathic drugs are considered a single trust drug because patients will take one medicine for some symptoms than to take a lot of medicine.

What is the normal dose for homeopathic medicines?

Like traditional medicine, potential homesati can vary. When prescribing the dose, many homeopathy must see patients, the types of problems they take medicine. For chronic or severe diseases, higher doses of homeopathic drugs are needed because they are usually there for several years.

Acute disease, which is a new disease for patients, will be treated with lower doses. Like using traditional antibiotics, some situations require high-dose drugs to give a body that starts at the battle of the disease. Because so many homeopathic drugs are different for certain diseases, it is important to find the correct drug before starting any kind of care.

Can Homeopathic medicines be combined?

In traditional homeopathic practices, drugs are taken alone, not combined. But in recent years, several solutions were sold as combinations. Some solutions will be combined into one pill to resolve the disease. Some are skeptical about combining solutions because many feel patients will be more successful by using a single drug.

This is because homeopathic care is based on how one drug can resolve certain diseases. Fear is that if you combine too much mutual care, they will eventually cancel each other. Upside to Combination Oliedies is the power they have as opposed to using a single treatment for a disease.

What is the difference between conventional medicine and homeopathic medicine?

Conventional treatment believes that symptoms can be cured with various treatments because individual organs in the body cause problems. Homeopathic treatment is different because practitioners feel that many conventional treatments suppress the natural ability of the body to get rid of a disease.

For example, coughing is the ability of the lungs to remove foreign substances, and cough medicine is made to suppress this action. Homeopathy focuses on the body as a whole and see that the drug needs to heal the whole body instead of just focusing on a certain area. This will help regain the internal stability needed to keep someone healthy.

Can children be treated with homeopathic medicine?

Children suffer from ordinary illness such as coughing, colic, vomiting and colds. Giving child antibiotics or cold drugs can cause problems with digestion or even reduce child resistance to other diseases.

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