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What is Profhilo and How Does It Differ from Dermal Fillers?

by Ezra Luca

Injectable moisturizers are a novel non-surgical therapy that promises bouncier, smoother, and brighter skin. Skin boosters, like Profhilo in Singapore, are hyaluronic-based treatments which are injected into your skin to enhance the skin’s appearance on the neck, face, hands, and decolletage. They are less invasive than BTX and less extreme compared to fillers. They operate from within to replace, revitalize, and renew skin cells.

Why The Skin Requires More Than Just Topical Moisturizers

When it comes to developing more bouncy, young, and moisturized skin, we have to go deeper instead of slathering creams and serums on top. Consider how much the skin goes through everyday: topical makeup, perhaps? Sun exposure, air pollution, and dry weather are all factors, right? Because the skin is the first line of defense against the outer world, it usually need more than a moisturizer to restore its health.

We have to penetrate underneath the skin’s top layer to achieve very powerful outcomes. While collagen is important for skin firmness and laxity, the molecules are just too large to penetrate your skin’s top layer. Likewise, hyaluronic acid, the key ingredient in the majority of credible dermal fillers, can store 1,000 times its weight in water to help hydration. This, too, requires careful molecular evaluation, since a lot of products fail to achieve the correct molecular weight for skin absorption. Topical medications lack the potency of injectable treatments, but is there a therapy available that may enhance skin hydration and quality?

Profhilo is quickly becoming among the most popular skin treatments in clinics around the nation, but how does it function, and what distinguishes it from other injectable procedures?

How Does Profhilo Function?

Profhilo might be the obvious next step in the skincare journey if your costly face cream isn’t cutting it anymore. Profhilo is composed of (HA) hyaluronic acid, a powerful moisturizing element naturally found in muscles, joints, and skin. Because it can suck 1000 times its weight in water into your skin, it is great for binding and holding water molecules, hydrating your skin from the inside and leaving it fresh and beautiful.

Each day, we create and degrade hyaluronic acid, but as we get old, the process becomes more slow. Profhilo is injected at five locations on every side of your face and distributes evenly across skin layers, pulling water with it. This method plumps the face, reduces wrinkles and fine lines and increases brightness and dewiness, producing a long-lasting serum-like effect but with no serum.

Profhilo Differs Significantly From Dermal Fillers In Essential Respects

While hyaluronic acid is included in regular dermal fillers as well, Profhilo in Singapore is distinct in that it does not alter the volume or face structure like other fillers. Dermal fillers are injected into a target region to provide volume and lift. While these products certainly make the skin seem more radiant, Profhilo is able to enhance the skin in more ways than one.

Unlike conventional hyaluronic acid, the hyaluronic acid in Profhilo is created in a manner that allows it to penetrate deeper into the skin and stimulate the production of more elastin and collagen, resulting in plumper, smoother skin. In combination with dermal fillers, this may enhance the skin’s structure and volume for a more youthful appearance.

Which One Do You Think Is Best?

Your concerns and desired outcomes from therapy should guide your final selection. Profhilo’s ability to beautifully hydrate the face, diminish the appearance of fine wrinkles, and plump the skin has made it a huge hit among the more senior demographic. Profhilo is a good choice if you want to improve your skin’s texture, lessen the appearance of fine wrinkles, and get a healthy glow. But dermal fillers will probably be the best treatment option if you have lost volume in your face and want to restore a lovely balanced profile. Practitioners often use Profhilo in combination with dermal fillers to get a flawless, luminous complexion that highlights the fillers brilliantly.

Your doctor can help you pick between Dermal Fillers and Profhilo, two effective treatments.

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