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What Do You Mean By Dope Sickness?

by Ezra Luca

It is great to have someone to help you if you are going through struggles of addiction. You learn a lot about new terms that you have never heard of. If you don’t understand these terms, it gets hard to help your loved one come out of this struggle. Dope sickness is one of these terms, not everyone knows about.

What does dope sickness mean?

Dope sickness is a slang used for withdrawal symptoms. People experience this kind of symptoms when they detox their body with painkillers like oxycodone or hydrocodone. Few people use this term for withdrawal from heroin as well. When a person stops using drugs suddenly the body starts experiencing side effects, which is referred as dope sickness.

The user gets the same experience as having normal flu or other diseases. The best treatment for this is time and sobriety. The side effects affect the body after six to twelve hours without drug consumption. The dope sickness symptoms can last for three to four days. This period of time is referred to as Detox.

You can get along with Detox To Rehab to treat yourself or you are loved ones. They can treat you with any kind of addiction problem and make the process and treatment easy and comfortable for you. They are a supportive, progressive and protective group of people looking forward to helping you with all your efforts.

Once the person has been detoxified, they have completed the physical withdrawal symptoms but they will later on start dealing with emotional, mental, and physical side effects of drug addiction.

Symptoms of dope sickness and their side effects can be different for each individual and their choice in the drug that is being used on regular basis. It is best to get treated by a professional.

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