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Various causes and precautionary actions for good mental health

by Ezra Luca

Mental health is to show a healthy attitude and a productive approach to life. Although genetic and physiological factors affect mental development but the growing and environmental materialism that stress has also given birth to many mental health problems. Almost everyone of all age groups and backgrounds undergo mental health problems such as dementia, hallucinations, schizophrenia, anxiety and disruption of hustle and bustle depression.

Symptoms of mental health problems may be a negative thinking pattern, changes in intense moods and behavioral problems that direct you to severe mental illness. This weakens your ability to do daily tasks, dealing with anxiety or stress and developing healthy relationships. As a result, it interferes with your life completely.

No one can deny the importance of mental health because it contributes efficiently in every aspect of your life. Positive steps can be adopted by you to improve your mental health. You must develop a good self image by accepting your shortcomings and appreciating your achievements. Avoid feelings of hatism, useless, inferiority complexes that can be the cause of extreme depression and psycho-social disorders etc. Students must be encouraged to save them from developing tension and isolation. Good mental health ensures the promotion of intellectual skills, confidence and better value. Mental health is also very meaningful in keeping you healthy physically for example, hypertension or gastric ulcer is largely due to depression while people with good mental health have the possibility of health complications.

Human relations are also based on healthy mental conditions. People with mental illness usually cannot develop relationships. It can even hinder the basic relationship with family, colleagues and friends. Healthy sleep is also needed to avoid mental illness. People suffer from insomnia because of their inability to deal with stress. Sleep disorders make you tired and inactive. Mental illness makes people often vulnerable to excessive meals. What’s worse is that someone who suffers from mental disorders cannot control himself. Excessive meal increases the risk of heart disease; Diabetes and pictures of unhealthy bodies.

If you feel that you have a mental health disease, your first priority must hold a meeting with psychiatric specialists. For some individuals, routine discussions with psychiatrists can help them return to positive mental health status. While for others, treatment or even hospitalization, in severe conditions, may be needed. Vital factors that play an important role in dealing with mental illness are the right recognition of the problem. This is very helpful for psychiatrists and allows individuals who suffer from living a happy and fit life.

In the UK, several home care services for people who suffer from mental health problems are provided such as pause care, supported living and full-time home care etc. This service is provided according to the patient’s needs.

This all comes down to reality, everyone has problems and stressful situations in life. So that you stay healthy is to handle all problems correctly. Mental health promotion can be provided by the community by means of encouragement, love, support, understanding, etc. for life that is happy and satisfied suffering from individuals.

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