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See alternative medicine and conventional drugs

by Ezra Luca

Alternative medicine and alternative therapy are therapeutic practices, which are currently not considered an integral part of conventional drugs. Conventional treatment is the main medical system of current diagnosis and disease treatment. However, increasing desires for health, in response to the current pressure lifestyle and increased incidence of cancer, diseases and diseases, has led to increased treatment requests and alternative therapies. It is true that many people become disappointed with conventional medicine medicines and healing approaches.

What is the difference between conventional medicine and alternative medicine? In general, conventional treatment tends to focus on disease and employ techniques to treat it. This looks at the body as a war zone where battles against attacker organisms are fighting for, and win or disappear. It focuses more on techniques, technology, chemical reactions that can be measured, proven statistically and documented. Treatment is on body parts that display symptoms of disease or disease.

On the other hand, alternative medicine tends to be “holistic”, where individual health is considered overall and maintenance not only focuses on symptoms. Alternative medicine using the “natural” method to help the power of healing the body to return to health. Treatment is holistic; It is taking into account every aspect of the patient and not only in the health symptoms he experienced.
Contrary to popular belief, alternative medicine has a longer history of conventional medicine. Many alternative treatments come from ancient healing techniques. For example, the use of herbs is practiced throughout the world for a long time; Both in India as Ayurvedic drugs, in China as traditional Chinese medicine or used as aromatherapy that can be traced back to ancient Egypt.

There are various kinds of alternative medicine and complementary therapy. They include acupuncture, energy healing, hypnosis, flower essence therapy, EFT, homeopathy, etc. – all aim to restore the body back to balance and thus helping someone achieve total fitness.

It seems that after the explanation above, alternative medicine is superior to conventional drugs. This will not be an accurate view for all health situations. Conventional medicine, actually, has a place in health care. Conventional medical interventions such as operations, chemotherapy, radiation, and antibiotics bring benefits. They can prevent death, pain, and give hope to people to walk again, provide instant assistance, and also, provide new function organs in sick and sick places.

Also, alternative practitioners do not condemn conventional medical practices at all. However, their beliefs are somewhat different. That conventional medical intervention should not be the first treatment option, such as what often happens. The point is that most tend to look for natural or alternative treatments as the last choice. Looking for holistic care as the last trench for health and life is not a very good idea because alternative drugs takes a long time to show the benefits of positive healing.

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