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Primary Care Doctor – What is the role of primary care doctors?

by Ezra Luca

Have you heard of primary care doctors? Family doctors have become something from the past. They are very dependent on all health related problems. Your family doctor will be the person you call to set a broken bone, helping to give birth or prescribe medicine for disease. Family doctors handle all health problems related to family and are considered part of the family. With the development of a health care system, family doctors have been removed. However, the introduction of the primary care doctor promised to restore the tradition set by a family doctor in the past.

This doctor does not specialize in any medicine. Their main focus is to help their patients maintain their overall health. Thus they focus more on prevention care than in curative care. Many insurance companies make it requirements to have a primary care doctor. Because it is recommended to register with one as soon as possible.

Before you decide which doctor is registering, it is important for you to understand which medical specialization is qualified as a primary care doctor. Doctors in families or general practices are eligible to care for the entire family. They have training in various fields of medicine and may be a certified board. Although doctors who specialize in internal and pediatric treatments are specialists in certain fields, they are also considered a primary care doctor. This is because they treat various diseases for different age groups (pediatricians treats children from birth to adolescents).

If you have special care requirements, engage in an automatic or injured accident at work, your primary care doctor should be able to refer you to a specialist. Many of these doctors have links with doctors and medical clinics that offer special treatment.

Choosing a primary care doctor is not an easy task. It might be tempted to just choose a name from the phonebook and register with them, you will not know what to expect from this doctor. If your health insurance company insists that you register with a primary care doctor, you can ask them to give you a list of doctors they have under their network that might accept new patients.

Ask your friends, family and colleagues about their main doctors. Find out about their services and if they want to take new patients. Personal references often make people become doctors that best suit their needs. This is mostly because you already have feedback about their services from their patients.

If you already have a doctor in any form, you can ask them to help you find a primary care doctor. This is a very useful technique for people who move from one location to another.

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