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Pigmentation Removal: The Most Effective Treatment in Singapore

by Ezra Luca

Do you want to get rid of the pores and black spots that diminish your appearance but are afraid to undergo invasive surgical procedures? Getting your skin to look its best again could be possible with the help of a Pico laser in Singapore.

The pico laser is a cutting-edge pigmentation removal system that has revolutionized the removal of tattoos, blemishes, and enlarged pores in the skin. Additionally, it removes the signs of aging, which satisfies your need to seem younger.

As compared to conventional laser therapies, this method is less invasive and has fewer potential adverse effects. To act without proper knowledge is fraught with danger. The information in this article on the Pico laser in Singapore will help you take the first step toward the flawless skin you’ve always wanted without worrying too much.

What Is Pico Laser Treatment?

Minor cosmetic imperfections may be remedied using laser treatment, which employs concentrated beams of light that pulse on and off. High-intensity waves are focused on the afflicted region, either ablating the top layer of skin or stimulating collagen development under the surface. It’s no exaggeration to say that Singapore’s Pico lasers represent a quantum leap forward in laser technology, offering significant advantages over more traditional approaches. It is a mild kind of laser therapy that causes no permanent damage and requires almost little recovery time.

When It Comes To The Skin, What Problems Does It Help With?

Pico Singapore is a flexible laser with six handpieces that can produce light in one of four wavelengths. Therefore, it’s useful for a variety of skin conditions.


Melanin is a pigment generated by melanocytes that gives skin its color. Excessive activation is caused by exposure to sunshine, hormonal shifts, skin inflammation, and hereditary predisposition. Brown patches or dark spots appear on the skin when melanin accumulates in excess in a specific location.

Here are some pigmentation problems that Pico laser Singapore may help you with.

  1. Freckles- One common consequence of prolonged sun exposure is the development of freckles, which are small, flat brown patches.
  2. Solar lentigo- Age spots, or solar lentigo, are another common name for freckles caused by the sun. Similar in size but darker than freckles. As you become older and your skin is exposed to more UV rays, you will start to see the true you.
  3. Melasma- is a kind of irregular pigmentation that often appears during pregnancy in women with darker skin tones. Caused by an excess of melanin or its uneven distribution.
  4. Hori’s nevus- is characterized by blotchy, blue-gray to gray-brown macules on both cheeks and is most common in middle-aged Asian women.
  5. Tattoos- which are formed by injecting ink pigments under the dermis layer of skin, may be both permanent and temporary, serving a variety of aesthetic, symbolic, and visual purposes.

How Does It Work

Pico laser Singapore, as the name suggests, emits laser pulses of durations measured in picoseconds. What this implies is that their energy pulses reach your skin at a rate of one trillion times each second. Under the targeted region, the melanin is mechanically broken down by the laser energy, and the broken pigment particles are then removed by the immune system. Pico Singapore’s ultra-short pulse length and tremendous power make it feasible to break pigments into very minute pieces, something that was previously impossible with nanosecond lasers. As a result, less time is needed to remove the pigmentation completely. Tattoo ink pigments of various types are also susceptible to its dissolving effects.

Why Should I Choose Pico Laser Treatment?

Since the laser beams used in Pico pigmentation removal laser may be focused exactly where they’re needed, their effectiveness much exceeds that of more conventional laser choices. Therefore, the treatment process is brief and yields satisfying outcomes in a reduced number of sessions.

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