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Getting The Most Out Of Your Vaping Experience

by Ezra Luca

Out of all the nicotine replacement therapies available, one of the most popular ones is vaping, which can be an excellent way to stop you from smoking. It prevents you from consuming the thousands of toxic chemicals you find in cigarettes, including over 70 chemicals that are known to be carcinogenic. However, you will want to maximise your vaping experience to get the most out of it and ensure you do not return to smoking cigarettes again. Below are some ways you can improve your vaping experience and make sure you stick with it.

Choose The Best Vaping Device For You

The first thing you should do is ensure you are using the most suitable vaping device for you. We are all different, so the device your friend prefers you may not like, so you need to research the various options you have available and select the one you prefer the most. There are two different types of devices you can use, which are as follows:

DTL – DTL stands for direct-to-lung, and you draw the vape smoke from the device directly into your lungs before exhaling.

MTL – MTL stands for mouth-to-lung, and you draw the vape smoke in your mouth first before taking it in your lungs and then exhaling.

Choose The Correct Strength Of Nicotine For Your E-Liquid

It is also vital that you select an e-liquid with the most suitable nicotine strength for you. You can get e-liquids containing 0mg of nicotine, up to over 20mg+, and you can also consider trying salt nicotine e-liquid. When using nicotine salts, as it is more effective at delivering nicotine, you vape less, so go through less vape juice, and it will cost you less money overall.

Clean Your Vaping Device

You will also want to ensure that you clean your vaping device regularly as if it is dirty, it can affect the taste of your e-liquids. Every few weeks or so, you will want to give your vaping device a thorough clean, especially if you have a plastic tank on your device. It is best to use glass tanks, if possible, as these do not get contaminated with the flavour the same way that plastic does. Whether you have a glass or plastic tank, ensure you clean it regularly, and you can help ensure that vaping remains a tasty and pleasurable experience.

Store Your E-Liquids Correctly

You will also want to ensure you store your e-liquid correctly, which can help enhance the overall vaping experience. You will need to keep your e-liquids somewhere that is cool and dark, as heat and ultraviolet rays from the sun can start breaking down your e-liquid and affecting its taste.

Choose A Suitable Flavour E-Liquid

You will also want to choose a flavour of e-liquid that you love, making vaping a much more pleasant experience. There are various types of flavours available, such as:

  • Drinks Flavour E-Liquids
  • Tobacco Flavour E-Liquids
  • Menthol Flavour E-Liquids
  • Dessert Flavour E-Liquids
  • Fruit Flavour E-Liquids

There are so many choices of flavours available, and it is hard to know where to start. However, as they are relatively affordable, you can try a few different flavours until you find the most suitable one for you. Ensure you purchase a high-quality vape juice, and you can make sure you enjoy vaping and do not go back to smoking cigarettes again.

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