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Don’t expect other people responsible for your health

by Ezra Luca

Most people when asked how important their health would say it was at the top of their priority list. And if most people are asked whether they prefer to have a lot of money or their health, they will choose health.

But these same people don’t do things that will keep them healthy and healthy.

About 7 out of 10 people do not get meaningful exercises regularly. If the right exercise is an important component for good health, how could so many people consider it a low priority?

Is it because they think that the system “health” – doctors, medicines, tests, specialists, hospitals, surgeons etc. there to save them if they are sick? But “the disease treatment system” does not make people good. It only responds when someone shows the sign and symptom of the disease but at that time it might be too late.

Every second person in our population has some chronic diseases and many have many conditions. Does anyone put two and two together here and connect this fact with almost non-existent activities in our lives? We may be very advanced with modern technology but what is the price? One in two people’s health and early death?

We now know that the human body cannot stay healthy without strong activities. That’s how we made, it’s in our genes. How do we think we can ignore this fact and just get away?

You see this movement or “work” because it must be really known to trigger a chemical reaction that tells every single cell in every network, organs and systems in the human body to repair, rebuild and update. Without stimulus there is no possible update that makes us healthy and we become very exposed to the risk of diseases that globally shorten millions of lives.

These facts are not discussed much or promoted as a “Disease Care System” worth billions of dollars and many sick people are needed to continue to feed this “sick” system and keep the wheels remaining.

We each personally accept our health until we get sick. People who claim they cannot be disturbed participating in exact sports and self-care find themselves being hospitalized or sick and out of commissions for weeks or months or even forever. How far is it more valuable than our health then becomes after we lose it?

But why wait this happens, you don’t have to walk along this road. Take a moment and think about your future and everything you want to achieve in your life. Isn’t your good health an important component for achieving your goals and dreams? Doesn’t that make sense that unless you take care of him, you can’t take care of business, family and other interests?

Is each of our responsibilities to do what we have to do to ensure that we remain in good health. Don’t wait and give that responsibility to the system that may or may not be able to repair you so the wheel falls.

The most fundamental thing that everyone must do is to restore “work” and the power to maintain the strength needed into our lives. Don’t be misled by thinking that low intensity activities such as walking or gardening will do work because it doesn’t. It must do activities that emphasize muscles and bones such as strength training exercises.

If you have not done this type of activity before ensuring you get the help and guidance needed from fitness professionals. This will ensure that you get results quickly and effectively.

No one else can do this for you, there is no cure; There are no surgical procedures that can give you the same health benefits as your own body when you give it what is needed. So, get yourself going and experience the positive health outcomes of the right exercise offer.

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